November 7th, 18th, or 30th

Enjoy a day of Private water Steelhead fishing on Pennsylvania's Elk Creek with Chagrin River Outfitters. This is a great event for previous 101 students and Steelhead anglers looking to improve their fly-fishing skill set. We will work on casting, fly selection and presentation, rigging, how to work the water, hooking, fighting and landing fish, wading safety, and more. 50% deposit required at time of registration please. Limited to 8 anglers.

COST: $250 for private water fee, lunch, instruction

Fall Fly Fishing Kickoff at CRO

October 8th

8:30am: New tips and tricks to hook more steelhead this Fall
10:00am-2:00pm: Workshops
10:30am: Fall streamer tactics for Pike, Musky, Trout
11:00am-2:00pm: Cookout
12:30pm: Fall Steelheading basics. What you need to know before hitting the river this Fall.

Workshops Include: Demystifying floating, sinking, and intermediate fly lines. Taking the guess work out of sink tips. Rigging up for Streamer success. Rigging for Fall Steelhead, beads, two fly rig, drop shot and more. New Gear previews all day!

Switch and Spey Day at CRO

September 24th

Spend the Day with Dan Pribanic, Jeff Liskay, and the staff at CRO learning why now, more than ever, swinging flies is a great way to target Ohio Steelhead.

9:00am: Why Swinging flies this Fall makes more sense than ever. What's changed?
10:30am: Lighten up Bro!! Why 4, 5, and 6wt switch rods can be ideal for great lakes steel.
12:00pm: Fall swinging tactics and go to flies.


September 17th
October 1st
October 29th
November 12th

Join Chagrin River Outfitters for this comprehensive intro class on how to be a more successful steelhead angler right out of the gate.  Consistently catching fish, especially Steelhead, does not happen by accident.  We want to show you how to rig, how to read the water, how to fish a run, bucket, and slot effectively and efficiently.  Learn the answers to why stream flows are so important, what's proper river etiquette, why does water temperature matter, is fly color important and more.  This is a class we have been doing for many years, and without a doubt it is a huge benefit to anglers of all skill levels.  Limited to 10 anglers per class.  Please call shop at 440 247 7110 or stop in to register.   

TIME: 8:00am-11:30am
COST: $50 - Payment due at time of registration please. 

Fly Casting lessons for all skill levels at your local fly shop.

Contact Us To Schedule Your Casting Appointment

The most frequent comment we typically make or hear as guides, fly shops owners, and hosts of destination travel are about how anglers need to work on their casting skill set before they embark on a trip. The fact of the matter is none of us are nearly as good as we think we are when it comes to fly casting. If you rate yourself a 7, you're probably a best. Improving your fly casting skills will increase your confidence on the water, make your time on the water more enjoyable and less frustrating, and lead to catching more fish, plain and simple. If you are just getting started let's build a strong foundation, if you are a seasoned angler looking to improve their double haul, casting a sinking line, casting into the wind, want to throw big stuff better, or want to deliver a dry fly on target and achieve a great drift we can help. If you would like to improve at what is really the most important aspect of the sport give us a call and set up an appointment today.

Based on skill level and what we are trying to improve upon, or learn, 3-4 sessions are recommended.

  • One session: $50
  • Two sessions: $80
  • Three sessions:$120
  • Four Sessions: $150

More Events Coming Soon!