Posted by Store Admin at Feb 08, 2015

Hook: 2220 Daiichi size 6
Thread: 6/0 orange uni-thread
Tail: 1/4 inch white zonker
Body: White ultra-chenille
Hackle: silver hackle flash
Collar: mallard flank natural
Head: Lt. Olive ice dub

Great Bug for all gamefishes. Tie in any color combo you find effective. Rabbit tail gives tantalizing motion fish can't resist. Try this pattern in larger sizes 2-4 for swinging and you will be pleasantly surprised. Other great color combos are white/chart, olive/orange, black/chart, black/purple, purple/orange, purple/silver.

Lay down thread base

Tie in rabbit above hook shank

Tie in hackle flash and then ultra-chenille.

Wrap chenille forward leaving about 1/4 inch to hook eye.

Wrap hackle flash forward.

Tie off hackle flash.

Tie in mallard flank at tip and palmer forward.

Tie off mallard flank.

Medium clump olive ice dub over eye of hook and tie down with three wraps of thread.

Pull back remainder of ice dub, tie down, whip finish and done.

Blue ice dub is sweet as well.


Good luck.