Posted by Store Admin at Feb 08, 2015

Lets start with an easy to tie fish catcher that has produced many Steelhead over the seasons on our local streams. This fly fishes best in stained water when fish need a little flash and movement to get their attention. Fish as a point fly with nymph dropper below on a tandem rig.
Hook: Daiichi 1120 sz 8-10
thread: Uni-thread 8/0 or Ultra thread 70 (orange or red)
Body: Ultra Chenille (standard) fl. chart
Head: Amber Orange Estaz

1. Lay down thread base and tie in Chenille in rear of hook just above the bend.

2. Tie down chenille on top of hook with 4-5 forward wraps of thread, tie off, leaving enough room for 3 wraps of estaz.

3. Tie in estaz

4. 3 forward wraps of estaz, whip finish, lightly burn end of chenille with lighter to keep from unraveling.

5. Go catch steelhead

Shown above are a few colors we fish including pink/white, chart/orange, and brown/chart,