Posted by Store Admin at Feb 08, 2015

Hook: Daichii 1530 sz 8
Thread: 6/0 uni orange
Tag: Senyo Laser dub orange
Body: UV Ice dub polar
Underwing: UV polar ice dub
Overwing: Senyo Laser Dub Chart.

Big Fish eat little fish martini. This is a good replica of a little fish that needs to be eaten. For low water tie as is, for higher flows add some lead wraps (2-3) around hook shank. Overwing can be any color you choose.

Lay Down a thread base, tie in tag just in front of hook point. Tag can be trimmed to length.

Polar ice dub body dubbed and wrapped forward leaving room for two wings.

First wing is same as body material, polar ice dub. Tie in a small length leaving some hang over hook eye. Part down the middle the forward hanging dubbing and fold back and down along body then tie in.

You want the wraps tied in front of dubbing to give it round minnow profile.

Tie in over wing and again leave some overhang. Split in half and fold down along body the remaining laser dub like shown below.

Dub is split in half and can be tied in after stroking and holding towards rear of fly. Remember to keep thread wraps in front of material.

Finished fly.

Color choice for wing is up to you, feel free to experiment. Here are a few of my favorites.