Posted by Dan Pribanic at Jan 27, 2015

Prom Dress:
Scott Howells prom dress came into vogue around the Great Lakes about 5 years ago. Before that countless fly fisherman wrapped a bunch of flash on a hook in the great lakes area and around the country and it was simply known as a flash fly. They are still popular among trollers in the great lakes targeting salmon and steelhead behind down riggers and flasher spoons. No matter what you call it this type of fly always has and always will be a fish catcher.
35mm shank
Sz 4 Octopus Hook
Gold/Silver body braid
Ice dub
Foxy brush, deer hair, or artic fox
Rhea, Ostrich Herl, or lady amherst
This fly has endless color combinations and will catch just about any fish that swims. It has been a great producer and is one of my personal favorites. I highly recommend tying a bunch of these up for the spring season. Hope you enjoy tying this one and i know you will get a few fish on it.

35 mm shank or spinner wire, thread base and fireline tied in.

Gold body braid tied in and wrapped forward, leave about 1/2 inch behind hook eye.

Ice dub in dubbing loop to form dubbing ball.

Foxy brush tied in front of dubbing ball, about 3 wraps forward or enough to prop flashabou up and give good profile. Stroke brush back as you wrap.

Foxy brush tied off, artic fox or deer hair can be used as well. (note deer hair will make a more boyant higher riding fly which is good in lower flows or slower runs)

About 15 strands flashabou around 7 1/2 inches in length,(fly will be roughly half as long as length of flashabou you cut, i like mine about 3 1/2 inches) tied in at a 45 angle in middle of flashabou just in front of foxy brush.

Fold back the forward facing flashabou on opposite side of hook and tie off. Turn fly over or rotate 180 degrees and repeat this step.

Return fly to original position and tie in 6-8 strands of rhea feathers. These feathers should be about 3/4 the length of the fly. Turn fly over again and repeat this step on bottom of fly. Note Ostrich plumes or lady amherst can be used for this as well.

Tie in Guniea feather at tip and palmer 2-3 wraps forward. Whip finish and head cement and you are done.

Finished fly in purple, but is also great in blue, copper, rainbow, and many other combinations as well. Below is a blue flashabou version with purple/blue rhea and blue guinea collar that is a great fly to swing for steelhead.