Posted by Store Admin at Feb 08, 2015

Potamodromous- Fish that migrates within fresh water only, i.e..great lakes steelhead, salmon, brown trouts. A term great lakes anglers should be aware of since many of the fish they pursue are potamodromous VS anadromous. Anyway on to the fly.
Potamod Intruder:
35mm shank or 50mm for bigger profile.
Sz 4 Octopus hook
Silver bead chain( or whatever color you have )
Anadromous Brush orange and black
Pink Estaz
Gold body braid
lady amherst
copper flashabou
Natural Guinea
Lady amherst

Thread base on shank, loop of fire line, with 4 bead chain eyes tied in 1/4 inch behind eye and estaz tag.

3-4 wraps anadromous brush orange.

3-4 wraps natural guinea.

Gold body braid wrapped forward to eyes.

Estaz tag in front of bead chain eyes.

3-4 wraps black anadromous brush.

6-8 strands copper flashabou.

3-4 wraps natural guinea.

Lady amherst in orange, whip finish and done....find a few other favorite color combos below. Try em all and get bit.