Polar Flash Minnow

Articulated Shank
30# fused fireline
6/0 thread
Body: Black Body Braid
Tag: 1 inch EP Tarantula brush
Wing: Artic Fox Tail Hair
Rainbow Polar Flash
Rainbow Flashabou
Collar: Black Schlappen
Head: Ice Dub

A few materials for your fly.

Assortment of Fox colors.

Shank is in vise, tie in loop of fireline and add 1/2 inch black
body braid.

Two wraps purple 1inch EP brush(or color of your choice)

Black Artic Fox Wing.(Blue or Purple is effective also)

Small Pinch (You can always add more) Rainbow polar flash tied in at the middle on side of fly.

Fold front half to other side and tie in. Repeat last step (not shown) with 8-10 strands rainbow flashabou.

Tie in Schlappen feather use three turns.

Clump Chartreuse ice dub, whip finish and done.

A few highly recommended color combos.