Posted by Store Admin at Feb 08, 2015

Shank: 35mm
Tag: Orange sts tri-lobal dubbing
Tail: White Ostrich Herl
Body: Silver body braid
Lateral line: krinkle flash laser
Collar: Olive Marabou
Head: Olive Ice Dub
Hook: Sz 4 Gamakatsu Octopus

Low Rider is for lower flows which i feel we may have to contend with this Fall. Smaller size of this fly lends itself well to more natural colors for mid day fishing and blacks and purples during low light.

STS dubbing in dubbing loop for tag after thread base and loop for hook is tied in.

About 14 pieces ostrich herl in dubbing loop followed by silver body braid.

Artic fox dubbing brush natural, 2 wraps.

2 strands each side of krinkle flash in laser color.

2-3 wraps olive marabou.

Small clump olive ice dub for head, whip finish and done.

This version uses lite blue marabou, 3 wraps silver hackle flash and finished with pearl ice dub.

I am stocking up on smaller, sparser flies for swinging this Fall and suggest you do the same just in case we are dealing with low water conditions.