Posted by Store Admin at Feb 06, 2015

Loudmouth baitfish, in the vise it's awesome, in the water it screams "Eat Me Please" to any fish thats around and they usually do. Tie from small to jumbo in many colors for any species you are targeting and expect big things. Please even though it is a pain or an extra step sometimes put eyes on most baitfish patterns, the difference is tremendous.
Pro tube needle
clear pro tube 40 mm
Zonker white
ice dub red
ice dub pearl
hackle flash silver/gold
pearl flashabou
olive schlappen
natural guinea
extra small pro soft head
3/16" holographic eyes

Pro tube needle in vise with clear pro tube.

Tie in zonker at rear of tube.

Red ice dub at tail tie in point.

Tie in length 2" of hackle flash silver or gold.

Dub body with pearl ice dub leaving 1/2 inch of tube in front of fly.

Tie in zonker in front of ice dub.

Wrap Hackle flash forward after zonker is tied in taking care to not wrap hair down.

5-7 strands salt and pepper flashabou along flanks of fly.

3 wraps olive schlappen.

2-3 wraps olive guinea in front of schlappen.

Extra small pro tube soft head and 3/16 holographic eyes for the finishing touch.