Double Decker Spey

Yes all materials are available at Chagrin River Outfitters.

Fish Skull 20 mm shank (2)
30# fire line original fused
6/0 orange Uni-Thread
UV purple polar chenille
sts or ice dub orange
mirage fringe flashabou
Electric blue flashabou
purple marabou
pink guinea
sz 4 Gamakatsu Octopus hook

1. Attach Fire line to shank.

2.Tie in UV polar chenille and palmer forward, leaving space for head.

3. Orange sts dubbing in dubbing loop. Purpose of this step is to add contrast with orange dubbing and as importantly the dubbing helps give the silhouette we are looking for to the flash and marabou.

4. Two strands mirage fringe.

5. Small Clump (8-10 strands) electric blue flashabou tied in middle on near side.

6. Fold flashabou over, on opposite side and tie in.

7. Purple marabou tied in at tip, 2-4 wraps.

8. Add Pink guinea for collar, tied in at tip, 2-3 wraps, whip finish.

Attach two shanks together by passing open end of second shank thru eye of first and close first shank with thread.

Repeat steps 2-8 for finished fly. purple polar chenille.

Orange sts dubbing in dubbing loop.

mirage fringe and electric blue flashabou.

Purple marabou.

Pink Guinea. Don't forget to add hook, size 4 gamakatsu octopus.

The Double Decker is a deadly fly and fishes well as a single fly and is a dream to cast. The addition of the second shank however adds much more wiggle and movement to drive fish bonkers. Tie up in a bunch of fishy colors and have at it, satisfaction guaranteed.