Posted by Store Admin at Feb 08, 2015

Most flies on the blog are from the shop but this one from the outside is worth sharing. Dave Pinczkowski's Bad Hair Day fly that he ties on Skagit master 4 caught my eye for many reasons as a fly tyer and steelhead fisherman. The most important are craft fur has great movement, does not hold water which makes for easier casting and less problems in cold temps, and its fairly easy and quick to tie which means i don't feel bad throwing it in boulders and log jams. The original uses 3 clumps craft fur and i only incorporate two just because i like a fly to be a little less bulky and allow any natural light to get into/through a fly that can. I changed the colors for Ohio rivers and tied it on a shank to get the short strikers and to be sure it doesn't foul. Its a winner, thanks for sharing Dave.

Daves Bad Hair Day:

35mm Shank:

6/0 orange thread

Chartreuse Craft Fur

Hot Pink craft fur

Silver flashabou

hot pink ice dubbing

Sz 4 Octopus hook

Tie in fire line and thread base.

Tie in first clump of craft fur reverse just in front of point where back loop meets shank or where shank becomes one piece. Make sure to keep thread wraps on top of each other as best you can.

Stroke craft fur back evenly around shank and build thread dam in front of craft fur.

5-8 strands silver flashabuo tied in along flank of fly.

Clump of Chartreuse craft fur tied in reverse and stroked back like first clump and 4-6 strands silver flashabou along flanks. Add hot Pink ice dub head(below), whip finish, done.

Slightly different from the original and of course had to tie it in a few tried and true Northeast Ohio colors you only get at CRO. Good Luck with this one, fun to tie, moves great, an easy to cast for a fly with a big profile. Few other colors below that you may enjoy and of course spin your own blends as well.