Posted by Store Admin at Feb 08, 2015

Thread: 3/0 White
Hook: B10S sz 4-1
Tail: White Bucktail
Flash: Salt and Pepper
Body: Hackle Flash
Head: Laser Dub White and Grey
Eyes: Stick on eye
This is another one of Justin's proven winners so tie them up in a bunch of colors and get ready to have bass thumb.

Tie in small clump of bucktail even with hook point. Apply soft text to bucktail for support of flash (while waiting for soft text to dry start 3-4 flies to save time)

Tie in medium bunch of flash (12-18 strands) on top of buck tail.

Two wraps silver hackle flash.

Add another small clump of buck tail.

Tie in another clump of buck tail on top of flash.

Two more wraps silver hackle flash.

Tie in 2 clumps laser dub one on top and one on bottom. Gray on top white on bottom. Important to tie in laser dub in center of clump.

Fold Back remaining laser dub, top over top, bottom along bottom, form head and whip finish.

Add eyes using zap a gap adhesive.

A rainbow of fish slaying colors.