Steelheading 101

Saturday, October 6th and Saturday, November 3rd • 8:00am-12:30pm

Learn the art of catching Steelhead on the fly with Chagrin River Outfitters. Class is designed to teach beginners, newer anglers, or anyone struggling with their steelhead angling how to put themselves in better position to be more successful. This is accomplished with a better understanding of steelhead behavior, movements, and habits.

Class will focus on:

  • Selecting proper rods, reels, fly lines, leaders, tippets, etc
  • Rigging up
  • Fly selection
  • Reading the water
  • What water to fish and how to fish it
  • What water to skip over
  • Understanding river flow gauges
  • Understanding the steelhead season and fish movements from Fall to Spring
  • On the water demos and instruction 
  • Proper casting, mending, and fishing techniques.
  • 1 hour classroom session, 3 hours on the water instruction
  • $150, requires a $75 deposit at registration please.  Includes lunch and drinks.
  • Limited to 12 students

Please call shop at 440-247-7110 or stop in to register.


North Riding Point - Prime Flats Fishing - Bonefish On Grand Bahama Island

February 21 - 26, 2019 or February 22 - 27, 2019

6-night / 5-day fishing package of $5,923.25
Based on double occupancy accommodations and a shared boat / guide daily.

Bonefish and Permit

At North Riding Point Club, we’re known for turning up large Bonefish, our average fish range from four to seven pounds. That being said, “Trophy fish” (over ten pounds, and often in excess of twelve pounds) are encountered almost daily, and have earned us the reputation as the “go to spot” in the Bahamas for the Bonefish of a lifetime. Permit make frequent appearances in our waters as well, and in keeping with our theme – are quite large. You will see some “smaller fish” (10 – 15lbs) once in a while, but these Permit average twenty-five pounds; fish over forty-five pounds have been seen!

With nine boat launch sites, our guides have the luxury of considering variables like weather and tide to determine the fishing area that will give their guests the best overall experience. Our fishing territories include Grand Bahama’s North, South, and East End flats. Our Northern launch sites provide access to over 350 square miles of remote coral flats, shorelines and tidal creeks that offer the ultimate sight fishing experience.  Anglers can also fish the untouched waters surrounding Great Sale Cay, Little Sale Cay, Carter Cay, Grand Cay, Strangers Cay, and Double Breaster Cays‒ all uninhabited.

The Others

More than world class Bone and Permit fishing, North Riding Point Club offers anglers the rare shot at the elusive “Bahamian Grand Slam” – with nearby Tarpon being a possibility when conditions align. Tarpon up to one hundred pounds have been caught in our waters.

The cantankerous Barracuda is usually nearby, and ready to smash a well placed fly or lure. The blistering speed of these top predators is something even the most experienced angler will never get used to.

Sharks will happily volunteer to test your skill as well; they are a strong, fast predator – with attitude to spare, and are a lot of fun to challenge to a fight.

Horse Eye and Bar Jacks, Mutton and Gray Snapper, and the Gray Triggerfish, all call our flats home as well. All can be a delight to catch – should you be able to turn your attention away from the Bonefish for a few minutes! Bringing a proper sized mutton Snapper back to Chef Genero for a world-class dinner is highly recommended!

Musky Trips

Location: Primarily lakes, but will be determined at the time of the trip.

Duration: Trips will last 4-5 hours. Weekday trips will start between 4-4:30 and go until dark. Weekend trips will begin based on the conditions at the time.

Timing:  Post spawn fishing in April/May is good, as is June. Fishing stays good until November. Extreme heat in the summer (late July/August) might shut fishing down, or limit it to mornings and evenings.
Weekday evening trips will be either Tuesday or Thursday. Other weekdays can be done by request. 

Gear:  Guides can provide all gear and flies.  11wt and 12 wt fly rods, floating, intermediate, and sinking lines.   Large 8-12 inch flies.

Expectations: Not for the beginner fly fisherman. Anglers should be able to double haul, and cast a 12wt comfortably for 4-5 hours. Expect to throw large streamers (6-10”) on 11wt & 12wt rods using full sinking lines, for large predatory fish ranging in size from 30”-50”  A good day of fishing is typically getting 2-3 shots at fish in 4 hours of fishing.

Cost: $400 for one or two anglers.  Anglers must take turns with two anglers on board.


Monday - 10am - 6pm
Tuesday - 10am - 6pm
Wednesday - 10am - 6pm
Thursday - 10am - 8pm
Friday - 10am - 6pm
Saturday - 10am - 5pm
Sunday - 10am - 3pm