A-Z Spring Steelheading Seminar  

Saturday March 16th • 9:00AM-11:00AM

  • New approaches to Spring Steelhead
  • Must have Flies
  • Rigging up for sucess
  • Understanding Spring Steelhead behavior and movements


Saturday March 23rd and Saturday March 30th • 8:00AM - 12:30PM

Take the guess work out of your steelhead fishing this Spring and have more fish on the end of your line.  Learn about fly selection, holding areas VS non holding areas, importance of water temp and what it means for anglers, reading the water, rigging up for a successful day on the water, how to fish a run from top to bottom, effectively covering water,  proper hook setting and fish fighting techniques, how to get a proper drift, and fly casts for steelhead.

COST: $150 with $75 deposit due at time of registration please.  Light lunch and beverages provided.  All skill levels welcome.

Musky Trips

Location: Primarily lakes, but will be determined at the time of the trip.

Duration: Trips will last 4-5 hours. Weekday trips will start between 4-4:30 and go until dark. Weekend trips will begin based on the conditions at the time.

Timing:  Post spawn fishing in April/May is good, as is June. Fishing stays good until November. Extreme heat in the summer (late July/August) might shut fishing down, or limit it to mornings and evenings.
Weekday evening trips will be either Tuesday or Thursday. Other weekdays can be done by request. 

Gear:  Guides can provide all gear and flies.  11wt and 12 wt fly rods, floating, intermediate, and sinking lines.   Large 8-12 inch flies.

Expectations: Not for the beginner fly fisherman. Anglers should be able to double haul, and cast a 12wt comfortably for 4-5 hours. Expect to throw large streamers (6-10”) on 11wt & 12wt rods using full sinking lines, for large predatory fish ranging in size from 30”-50”  A good day of fishing is typically getting 2-3 shots at fish in 4 hours of fishing.

Cost: $400 for one or two anglers.  Anglers must take turns with two anglers on board.