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We will now be open on Sundays from 10AM-3PM, and "Gone Fishing" on Monday!

Tuesday 10-6
Wednesday 10-6
Thursday 10-8
Friday 10-6
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 10-3

Steelheading 101 at Chagrin River Outfitters!

Saturday, March 18th: 8am-1pm
Saturday March 25th: 8am-1pm
Cost: $150, deposit of $100 due at sign up please.

This class was designed with the beginning steelhead fly angler in mind. Those looking to increase their knowledge on how to fly fish for steelhead, in our local rivers and streams. Students will gain a better understanding on the how's, and why's, of steelhead fishing. Gain confidence that you are fishing the proper way, with the right flies, in potentially productive areas.

What we will learn:

  • Rigging up for success on the water. Learn how to set up your leaders, shot, indicators, and flies like a seasoned veteran.
  • Fly selection based on water temperature, visibility, and light levels.
  • Understanding stream flows, and what that means for fishing conditions.
  • How to properly fish a run.
  • What types of water to fish and why.
  • What types of water to skip over and why.
  • Properly presenting a fly.
  • Fly casts you need too know for steelhead fishing.

One hour classroom, 3 hours on the water instruction. Students will need waders and to dress for the weather. Please call Chagrin River Outfitters at 440-247-7110 or stop in to sign up.

Chagrin River Outfitters Fly Tying 101

Saturday March 4th, and Saturday March 11th • 8am-12pm at Chagrin River Outfitters
$60/person, limited to 10 people. Payment due at time of registration please.

Interested in fly tying? Let us help you make the transition into tying your own flies. Learn proper techniques, and methods while cutting years off of the learning curve.

  • Class begins with a power point presentation on the art of tying flies. We will cover all the necessary tools, and techniques used to effectively tie flies. Learning proper techniques from the start will shorten your learning curve and cut out bad habits.
  • After covering the basic methods we will tie our first fly, a basic sucker spawn. We will focus on little things that make a big difference, such as thread tension, density of materials and securing materials.
  • Second fly will be a basic bead head minnow imitation. Here our focus will be on choosing proper materials to get the effect we are looking for in a fly , length of materials, and hook spacing.
  • Third fly will be a dumbbell eyed wooly bugger. This fly combines all the necessary skills to tie effective flies that catch fish. By combining the techniques and methods of the 2 previous flies, we will construct one of the fishiest flies ever tied!
  • Q and A after class with light lunch and drinks.

Includes materials for class, lunch, drinks. Students need to supply vice, thread, and tools please.

Please call shop at 440 247 7110 to register or stop in. Class limited to 10 students.

Chagrin River Outfitters Fly Tying 102

Sunday March 12th and Saturday March 18th • 8am-12pm at Chagrin River Outfitters
$60/person, limited to 10 people. Payment due at time of registration please.

Looking to take your tying skills to the next level? Tired of crowded hooks and flies that don't swim properly? Chagrin River Outfitter's 201 tying courses focus on the details that set tiers apart. Learn proven methods and techniques to increase your skill set as a tier.

  • We will tie 3 flies that focus on proper fly design, rattles in flies, blending materials, adding weight for different effects, advanced tying techniques.
  • Step by step video of each fly for easy following.
  • Discussion of each fly, why it is tied the way it is, why and when to apply it to a fishing situation.

Students need to provide vise, tools, materials please.

Please call shop at 440 247 7110 to register or stop in. Class limited to 10 students.

Art of Tying Dry Flies

Sunday March 26th • $60/person, includes materials and lunch • Payment due at time of registration please.

Learn to tie hatch matching dry flies for any situation. Class will teach an effective emerger pattern, classic Catskills style dry fly, parachute dry fly.

Students need to provide vise, tying tools, and thread.

Please call shop at 440 247 7110 to register or stop in. Class limited to 10 students.

Jeff Liskay & Jerry French Casting Seminar

Monday April 10 • Time On Water (Private Class)

  • Meet at Shop at 9:00am…On the river by 10:00am…Off the river by 3:00pm
  • On Water Trout Spey & Skagit Class with Jerry French and Jeff Liskay
  • Grand River or Chagrin River 
  • Casting skills all levels,matching lines to rods, modified casting strokes, casting shorter trout and switch rods, fly selection and presentation
  • Six to eight students $125.00 each 

Jerry French at CRO

Sunday April 9 •  (Private Class)

  • Starts at 4:00pm at Chagrin River Outfitters
  • In Store Composite Loop Fly Tying Class
  • Eight Students, $65.00 each.  Pay at time of registration please.
  • All materials included

Monday April 10 • Evening In store 

  • Jerry French Meet and Greet at Chagrin River Outfitters, 5pm-9pm
  • Composite loop and signture flies demo 5:00pm-9:00pm
  • Free Event

About Jerry French 

Jerry French is no stranger to the steelhead and skagit world of fly fishing. He has been an important innovator and fixture in this realm since the beginning...

Born and raised in the rain forest region of the west coast, Jerry quickly developed a love for the outdoors and a steady passion for fly fishing. My youth was spent exploring the coast, it's rivers and mountain streams. This was my foundation and my building blocks toward a journey that still continues today!

By the age of 16, I loaded up my Volkswagen Beetle and chased trout all over Washington, Oregon, and BC. 
My trout addiction inevitably led to steelhead. Once I caught that first summer run steelhead, all I could think about was encountering more. Summers were soon occupied with guiding in Alaska to support my winter steelhead habit. There's nothing like the peaceful and quiet current of winter steelhead on the Skagit and Sauk Rivers. 

Now, almost 30 years later, I'm even more infected with the steelhead bug! Currently I'm invested in fly pattern and Skagit Rod development with several successful fly patterns such as the Dirty Hoh and techniques like my composite loop inspiring new age fly design. Not to mention my rods are pretty darn good!

I'll be traveling a lot to bring a piece of the Skagit to your region! I can't wait and I'll see you soon!

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