Women's Fly Tying: Prepping for Fall Fly Fishing

September 18th • 6:30-8:30

Students will need fly tying vise and tools. Materials and instruction will be provided by CRO.

Please RSVP

Steelhead 101 at Chagrin River Outfitters!

Saturday, September 28th: 8am-12:30pm
Saturday, October 19th: 8am-12:30pm
Cost: $100, deposit of $50 due at sign up please.

This class was designed with the beginning steelhead fly angler in mind. Those looking to increase their knowledge on how to fly fish for steelhead, in our local rivers and streams. Students will gain a better understanding on the how's, and why's, of steelhead fishing. Gain confidence that you are fishing the proper way, with the right flies, in potentially productive areas.

What we will learn:

  • Rigging up for success on the water. Learn how to set up your leaders, shot, indicators, and flies like a seasoned veteran.
  • Fly selection based on water temperature, visibility, and light levels.
  • Understanding stream flows, and what that means for fishing conditions.
  • How to properly fish a run.
  • What types of water to fish and why.
  • What types of water to skip over and why.
  • Properly presenting a fly.
  • Fly casts you need too know for steelhead fishing.

Classroom and on the water instruction. Students will need waders and to dress for the weather. Please call Chagrin River Outfitters at 440-247-7110 or stop in to sign up.

Fly Fishing Weekend at CROTargeting Fall Steelhead on the Swing with Rick Kustich

October 5th • 9am-3pm

  • Targeting Fall Steelhead on the swing with Rick Kustich 9am 
  • Two Handed casting demo with Rick Kustich 11am
  • Fall Musky/Pike strategies on the fly. 1pm 
  • Book Signing on Rick's two books Hunting Musky with a Fly and Advanced Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead
  • Scott Fly Rod Lineup with Rep Phil Cook 
  • New Fall gear pre-views from Orvis, Fishpond, Simms, Sage, Lamson, Ross Reels. 
  • Must have Fall Swinging flies tying demo's 

Event will be held at Chagrin River Outfitters.

Fly Fishing Weekend at CROSteelheading Start Up

October 6th • 9am-2pm

Getting Started:  Introduction to the fish we pursue, how we gear up to catch them, the importance of the correct fly lines and leaders, answers to questions you have and ones you didn't know you had. 9:00am

Rigging Station: Fly line to leader/leader to flies. How to add tippet, how to set-up a two fly rig, where to place indicator and why, how and when to adjust indicators, and more. 10:30am 

Casting Demo's: Casting Techniques and advice for avoiding tangles, reducing false casting, casts to perform from either side of the river. Common casting errors and how to avoid them. 12:00pm

Great event for anyone looking to improve their success while pursuing steelhead on the Great Lakes tributaries.  All skill levels welcome.  

Event will be held at Chagrin River Outfitters.

Womens Introduction to Steelheading

October 26th • 8am-12pm

Students willneed waders and boots for this event.

Please RSVP with C.R.O.

Ultimate Steelhead Weekends with CRO

November 8, 9, 10 and November 29, 30, and December 1st

Trip Includes: Two Nights lodging, all meals, 2 days guided fly fishing. Does not include: Fishing license, gratuity for guides. Cost: $799

To register for weekend please call shop at 440 247 7110 or stop in the shop. 50% deposit required at time of registration please.

Friday: Arrive at house after 4pm. Room assignments and get gear together. 6pm: Appetizers and Power point presentation on improving your Steelhead angling. Q and A discussion on what we would like to work on as a group and individually to improve steelheading success over the weekend. 7:15: Dinner

Saturday: Breakfast 7am at local Diner. Fishing Day Roughly 8am-4pm. 6pm-7pm: Appetizers, drinks, daily recap of days fishing with Q and A and round table discussion of things we learned that day and what we may like to work on/improve upon the following day. 7:15: Dinner

Sunday: Breakfast 7am local Diner.
Fishing day 8am-3pm.
Depart for home after great weekend of fishing, laughing, and learning.

Swung Fly Weekend

December 6,7,8

This weekend is all about working on our swung fly game. We will work on learning the importance of, and controlling as best we can, fly presentation, fly speed, and fly depth. Staying connected with the fly, casting from both sides of the river, leader length, experimenting with different sink tips, weighted VS non-weighted flies, and the importance of and selecting fly color based on water color and light levels are all on the docket. This is a weekend of fun, learning, and trying to develop a better understanding of how to catch fish on a more consistent basis while swinging flies. Friday and Saturday evening discussions on the days fishing, what we learned, and what we would like to work on will be included to help us get the most out of our time on the water.

Trip will include 2 days guided fishing, meals, lodging. Does not include license, alcohol, gratuity for guides. Trip cost is $799 and limited to 6 anglers. Please call shop or stop in to register. 50% deposit required at time of registration please.

Musky Trips

Location: Primarily lakes, but will be determined at the time of the trip.

Duration: Trips will last 4-5 hours. Weekday trips will start between 4-4:30 and go until dark. Weekend trips will begin based on the conditions at the time.

Timing:  Post spawn fishing in April/May is good, as is June. Fishing stays good until November. Extreme heat in the summer (late July/August) might shut fishing down, or limit it to mornings and evenings.
Weekday evening trips will be either Tuesday or Thursday. Other weekdays can be done by request. 

Gear:  Guides can provide all gear and flies.  11wt and 12 wt fly rods, floating, intermediate, and sinking lines.   Large 8-12 inch flies.

Expectations: Not for the beginner fly fisherman. Anglers should be able to double haul, and cast a 12wt comfortably for 4-5 hours. Expect to throw large streamers (6-10”) on 11wt & 12wt rods using full sinking lines, for large predatory fish ranging in size from 30”-50”  A good day of fishing is typically getting 2-3 shots at fish in 4 hours of fishing.

Cost: $400 for one or two anglers.  Anglers must take turns with two anglers on board.